School Counselor
Guidance Lesson Story on
The Words of the Month
"Respect" and "Responsible"

K thru 5th Grade

Warm Fuzzy: Prize teaches lesson the school counselor guidance lesson on the word of the month "respect". Use this guidance lesson as a school counselor to introduce the word "respect" and "responsibility to students in grades kindergarten to fifth grade.


Word of the Month:

Respect and Responsibility

Warm Fuzzy Feeling of the Month:


The Warm Fuzzy, Prize,  is a combination of several things going on for the month of October. During this month we celebrate Red Ribbon Week, Teeth Care, and Halloween.  “Prize’ is the Warm Fuzzy that represents taking care of one’s body because it is truly a “prize”. 



The Story of “Prize”

The Responsible and Respectful Warm Fuzzy


By: Dr. Michelle Stangline and

Creative Counseling


 This is the story of “Prize” who was  a very responsible warm fuzzy feeling friend.

Prize always tried to be the most responsible of all the warm fuzzy feelings. Raise your hand if you are responsible the same way Price is:

Prize cleaned his room each day.

He listened to his parents and did what they told him to do.

Prize ate his vegetables and drank his milk.

Prize brushed his teeth twice a day.

He flossed his teeth too.

Each night he took a shower with soap and washed his hair with shampoo. 

He wore clean clothes every day.

He brushed his hair and washed his face before school.

He wore his coat when it was cold outside.

At school, Prize was responsible because he did all of his classwork and homework.

He did not disrupt his teacher, Miss Candycorn, when she was talking and teaching the class.

Prize followed the school rules and never got into trouble.

So you see, Prize was a very responsible warm fuzzy friend.

However, one day something terrible happened.  A fuzzy named “Fear” threatened to beat up Prize if he did not do his homework for him. Prize was terrified.

He had never bullied anyone in his life, and did not understand why Fear wanted to force him to do something that was considered cheating. He also did not understand why Fear threatened to hurt him if he did not do what he wanted him to do.

Prize went home that night and cried. He decided that he had better do what Fear wanted him to do… all the math homework.  Prize got on the bus the next morning and gave the completed homework paper to Fear.

Fear laughed and said, “Thank you orange dumb ball.” Prize truly hoped that was all Fear would ask him to do. He just wanted Fear to leave him alone.

That afternoon at lunch Fear demanded that Prize give him his lunchbox.  Prize handed his lunch over to Fear and he ate everything in it.

On the bus ride home Fear told Prize to do all of his homework, not just the math worksheet. Prize did not know what to do at this point. He cried all the way home. He did not tell his mother why he was crying when he got to the house.

Prize decided that the best thing he could do is not  go to school the next day. He told his mother he had a stomach ache. It was the first lie Prize ever told.

But, Prize’s mom was a smart warm fuzzy. She knew that Prize was faking a stomach ache. She asked him what was wrong. Prize started to cry. He told her all of the terrible things Fear had demanded.

Prize’s mom called the teacher. The teacher, Miss Candy Corn called the school principal, Ms.  Apple Cider. The school principal, Ms. Apple Cider called the school counselor, Miss Pumpkin.

Prize went to school the next day and he was absolutely terrified. The school counselor, Miss Pumpkin, called Prize into her office.

Miss Pumpkin listened as Prize talked about how he was being picked on by Fear. After listening, Miss Pumpkin said, “But what did you do when Fear was picking on you?”

Prize told her, “I ignored him and walked away.” Miss Pumpkin said, “Why didn’t you tell an adult when Fear said he was going to hurt you”

Prize sat and thought about it a minute and then said, “Because I was afraid I would be called a tattle tale.” Miss Pumpkin told Prize that he needed to take some responsibility for the situation with Fear. She said that even though Fear was being mean and picking on Prize, he was not the only one at fault. 

Prize was so confused. He said, “But I was the victim!” Miss Pumpkin explained that Prize needed to tell a trusted adult the moment Fear started to threaten him. “You see Prize, you have a responsibility to tell an adult if you are being threatened or hurt in any way.

Fear may be saying mean things and threatening other kids too.  If everyone is afraid to stand up to Fear then everyone gets bullied. Everyone needs to take responsibility if they are being bullied or threatened. Being responsible means telling, even if you get called a “tattle tail.”

After talking to Miss Pumpkin, Prize realized that he was not taking care of himself and treating himself like the “prize” he was. Prize had a responsibility to himself, as well as others.

Miss Pumpkin explained that there are “Responsible Tattles” and “Annoying Tattles”. She said when someone is threatening to hurt you, or hurts you it is time to tell. That is being responsible. An “Annoying Tattle” is when someone calls you a name. You need to use a “Bullying Coping Skill” for the times someone “annoys” you.

Miss Pumpkin gave Prize a journal. In this journal he would write down situations when Fear, or someone else picked on him. He would then take the journal to Miss Pumpkin and she would help him come up with a bullying prevention coping skill.

If Fear, or anyone else, ever threatened to hurt him then Prize would tell a trusted adult right away.

That evening Prize got a surprise. Fear showed up at his house with his parents.  Fear apologized and said he was sorry for not being a responsible friend to Prize. Prize forgave him and the two warm fuzzies set up a play date.    


Note from Dr. Stangline:

I use this guidance lesson to teach the words "respect" and "responsibility to my students in k thru 5th grade. I also use this to teach students about respecting their bodies and not doing drugs for Red Ribbon Week.

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