How to Stop Your Child from Using Curse Words or Bad Words

The Potty Mouth Activity

Okay, I get it, it is really hard to stop children, adolescents, and teens (especially teens) to stop using curse words. I have a doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology and I have struggled with my own kid. I get it, trust me!

My own son at seventeen was known to use "curse words". He thought it was really cool and tough when he used nasty curse words.

His friends used curse words and everyone tried to impress each other by using curse words. His cussing was really getting out of control.

Needless to say he inspired me to write this "Stop Cursing" activity below.

I have tried everything known to man to try to get him to stop cursing, but the activity below is the only thing that worked with him.

Cursing Today:

Movie stars curse (a lot), and t.v. shows now have "bleeped out curse words". Cursing is everywhere and our society seems to just accept it.

Some reality shows are filled with almost all curse words for their verbal content. I can't even watch these shows because of it. This is very sad news for our children and our culture!

While I admit that this has been a very difficult habit to break in my son, there are some things that can help.

However, they take time, lots of patience and time. Yelling and screaming won't stop it. It only makes it worse.

Parents, teachers, and therapists need to take the time to teach kids why cussing is a "nasty habit" and makes one "look bad." I hope the reality t.v. stars and movie stars are listening and reading this as well.

When we use nasty curse words we are "lowering ourselves, making ourselves appear uneducated, and actually creating negative energy in the brain."

Yes, your brain goes into a negative spiral when you use ugly, nasty words, or have ugly nasty thoughts. It hurts your brain by sending nasty chemicals from your body to your brain.

Brain research is showing us how more and more negative thoughts (including curse words) can hurt your brain.

Cursing also makes you look raunchy to other people. You are not "cool" when you use curse words. People think you have a "nasty, negative mouth and a nasty negative brain". Yuck!

Cursing is a very bad habit. Like addiction, it is hard to stop cold turkey. You need to take baby steps to stop using curse words. The below activity has you fill in alternative words to start this process. This takes a lot of time and patience.

Guess What? When your child is cursing, other adults (especially teachers) still assume the child is learning these words at home from the parents. Hmm...

I came up with this activity to help my son and hundreds of students (elementary, middle, and high school) stop using curse words.

This is a good activity for children of all ages who are using curse words, or “nasty” words. Even adults can use this activity.

You will not get results the first time, or the second time to get kids to stop using curse words. Use this activity and overtime you will see results.

Directions to Help Kids Stop Using Curse Words:

1. Get your child to replace the curse word with a gentle and sweet word. For instance, S__t would become "Sugar". F___ would become "Fudge".

2. Tell your child that educated people know more words and do not usually use curse words because they are smarter.

3. I used to tell my son when he cursed, "You are smarter than that!"

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Stop Curse Words Worksheet:

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