Free Self-Hypnosis Script Opener for Hypnotherapy 

Self-Hypnosis Script 1

Tropical Pool with Protective Tiger

By: Dr. Michelle Stangline

I imagine myself walking on a long sandy beach. The sand is warm on my bare feet and I walk to an opening in the lush green forest. I walk down a sandy path and come upon a beautiful tropical setting in the middle of the tropical forest.

I can see a crystal clear pool with a waterfall cascading down from a tall cliff. I hear the water fall to the base of the pool and it makes peaceful sounds that calm my mind. I walk over to the pool and dip my feet into the cooling water.

I take a sip of the water with my hands and it is cool and refreshing. I smell the abundance of beautiful lush flowers.  I lay down in some soft sand at the edge of the pool in the middle of these flowers. I begin to take deep breaths and relax (take a few deep breaths).

I am now ready to move into the Alpha State of self-hypnosis. I imagine a staircase in my mind under this pool. This staircase will take me to the deepest part of my brain and allow me to pass through the secret door to my subconscious mind. I am the only one who is allowed to pass through this special door.

To get to the door I go down the steps starting with the number ten.

I pass the entrance of the staircase and see a big beautiful tiger with bright green eyes protecting the passageway of the stairwell. He recognizes me as the owner of this world. I pet his soft fur and he begins to purr.

He moves aside as I pass through. I know he is there to keep me safe and protected as I journey down to my subconscious mind.


10…… I allow myself to start the journey of the staircase and move downward to relax ….

9…….I start my journey by touching the cool stone step with my bare feet and begin to let go…..

8…… I am relaxing more with each step I take deeper in my mind….

7…… Letting go of all stress and worry…..My muscles relax even more….

6….. I touch the stone with my feet and enjoy the cool feeling and I relax…..

5…. Going deeper…..feeling very calm….

4….. Letting go and relaxing….feeling safer with each step I take…..

3…..Everything fades away as I go down the steps…..

2…. I feel peace and am totally relaxed…..

1….. I am now completely relaxed and am fully hypnotized and open to the suggestions which I will now begin to read out loud to myself…..

I open a door at the end of the staircase and go into a comfortable room. I sit down on a soft pillow. It is quiet and my subconscious mind is open to all of my suggestions.



(Insert Your Preferred Suggestions Here)


The Wake-Up

I stand up and go to the door ready to climb back up the staircase after I have implanted my suggestions to my subconscious mind. I will count to five and on the count of five I will be fully awake, alert, and refreshed.

One…… I am fully aware of the suggestions that I have in my subconscious mind…..

Two….. I will remember these suggestions throughout my day and at night they will come to me in my dreams….

Three…… I am now at the top of the staircase. I pet the tiger as he purrs to me….. He moves back to the passage to the stairway as I pass by. He is there to protect my secret place.

Four….. I am feeling alert and relaxed as I awaken from this session.

Five…. I am awake and ready to take my suggestions and apply them to the world outside of the subconscious mind. I am feeling successful, relaxed, and refreshed.


Legal Disclaimer: This script is for personal use and for the use of a licensed mental health professional and certified hypnotherapist to use with their clients. It is not to be redistributed without permission from Creative Counseling and we are not responsible for any harm that may come from using self-hypnosis to therapists, or their clients.

If you have a mental health emergency always dial 911.

Disclaimer: This website and its content is intended for trained licensed mental health professionals and school certified mental health professionals to use for their clients / students at their own discretion.

*If you ignore the disclaimer above are using these techniques on yourself and you feel any discomfort or upset it is highly suggested that you seek out a licensed  mental health professional immediately.

"Beyond Art Therapy" is the concept from Dr. Stangline that combines all creative fields in therapy. It is not the traditional "art therapy" but goes beyond to include sand tray therapy, play therapy, mindfulness, meditation, color therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and a vast majority of other therapies.

For any other type of mental health emergency call your local 911 / Police Number immediately.

Dr. Stangline does not offer advice / suggestions to anyone who is not a professional mental health provider, or a student who is studying this field and has questions about mental health programs of study.

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