Sand Tray Therapy Real Color Personality Testing:

by Student #1
(Mercer Atlanta)

Sand Tray Therapy Real Colors Personality Tray

Sand Tray Therapy Real Colors Personality Tray

Sand Tray Therapy Real Colors Personality Tray Sand Tray Therapy Real Colors Personality Tray #2 3: Sand Tray Therapy Real Colors Personality Tray Final Sand Tray Therapy Real Colors Personality Tray

Student #1
Personality Color Sand Tray Therapy
My primary color is Blue at a 54. I was relieved to know that blue puts me in the correct zone for the career as a counselor. This world was easy to select miniatures and place. I consider myself a kind, loving towards others people, and warm and fussy. I have represented this with the myself, as the equestrian girl sitting in the sand with the heart and all the animals. I also have done my share of sacrificing with my son while hospitalized for the first 3 months of his. I put a child with a party hat to represent my son. We celebrate “big” due to the joy we feel every year he is able to be on this earth with us. This helped me develop my nurturing abilities and gratitude to be a mother who witnessed a miracle.
I consider myself very spiritual, and compassionate towards life. Thus, the wooden arch door. This represents some type of inner peace for me. I strive for harmony and pray for world peace. My biggest strengths are that I am highly creative an artistic. I put a paint pallet to help remind me of this. My weakness is that I avoid most types of confrontation. Lastly I work tirelessly to get projects and goals accomplished. I put the red wagon in for this piece. The portion of the “blue” sand tray made me feel a sense of accomplishment and proud of my existence.
This is my secondary color. This ranked 34 for me. One of the characteristics is intellect. I like to believe this because my artistic side fights with this all the time. It wants to be creative and not too serious but I am in graduate school so I know I am not an average thinking person. I have put a grade sheet on an easel to represent graduate school. I am also a curious and seeking person. This helps me with my vision for the future. I have put a red wagon to show where I will explore next. Greens can be calm. I guess I am like that when things are slow and peaceful. I am much more independent and proud of this. My family instilled this at a young age. I was the only child for a long time. Justice seeking for me is interesting. I applied to law school and still have a passion for seeing the innocent through and the guilt punished. However, I have great mercy so this is a struggle. I put a trophy for this because I think about many bad people in this world and when they are brought to justice I think the prosecutor deserves a medal or trophy. Rational is another attribute of “greens”. I like to think that I am rational but my passionate blue side can get in the way of this.
This was also ranked on the color test as a 34. This ranking was not hard for me to see. I am very much a multi-tasker. I think it has something to do with me being ADHD. However, I like to have my attention in several places at once so that I am not board. I like to consider myself carefree at times. I need to relieve the stress. If I had a miniature bathtub I would of put it in this section of the tray.
I am not as spontaneous or fun as I used to be. I think this has to be with the trauma with my son in the hospital for so long. It stole my ability to laugh and just okay with going somewhere on a whim. I have to spend so many hours looking over my son just to see if breaths were coming from his chest and mouth. I had to stay alert to hear the code blues on the loud speakers about every several hours. I put a Ferris wheel, picture of San Francisco California where I used to love to visit, and a covetable car at a carnival to remind me about fun and spontaneity. I also used to love to play jokes and make others laugh. I have always loved the holidays especially Christmas and Halloween. I loved preparing fun foods and festive décor for holiday parties. All the miniatures dressed up represent this. I am working on that side of me again. As a young child I have been called a performer. I think maybe Hollywood would have been a good fit for me. I think I have had to perform to seem normal sometimes.
Last is my “gold” side. This was ranked at 30. I am not a real status type person but I do dream about an old convertible car one day. A blue topless car shows this. Another status thing is I like nice beaches. I found a chair and umbrella to remind me of the beauty that money can sometimes buy. I also like to achieve goals and be considered responsible. I think this may go hand in hand with status. If you set high goals, achieve them with hard and driven responsibility you may get rewarded with a few status things in life. Last, I am not always the timeliest person. I put a big pocket watch to remember this is my downfall, which could use improvement.
I loved building the sections of my colors. I enjoyed the Blue and Orange the most.

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