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Sand Tray Analysis for Sand Tray Therapy Class
by: 10804025

When looking at this tray, the first thing to notice is the symmetrical division of the various parts and nothing seems to be in the center. It is as if the parts are separate and do not flow into each other. I wonder where the blending of these parts is to be found. The whole tray shows order and organization which may be a strong reflection of the creator’s gold personality type. The gold may actually be the overarching coordinator of all the other personality types which will explain the distinctions and localization in the tray. The quadrant with the green personality type may indicate that the creator has a penchant for achievement, knowledge and being at the top which she represents with the bracelets with the honor rolls and perfect attendance, stone for clarity and trees for wealth of knowledge. The distinct arrangement of the tray may also be an indication of the creator’s desire for things to be perfect and in their right places, not littered about. This may also explain the localization of each personality type. The quadrant for the gold personality is almost as big as the green, the creator is represented as a policeman whose role is to keep order, ensure people follow rules and things are organized. The two wild animals fighting may also indicate some of the tension occurring inside the creator with her constant need to have things in order, organized and controlled. The smallest quadrant houses the orange personality which appears to be stifled by the gold and green personality. The size of the plane may indicate the client’s desire to see this aspect of her personality exposed and expressed.

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Interpretation of a Sand Tray for Sand tray Therapy Class
by: Student 1

I looked at the sand tray and read the student’s interpretation. I was interested most in the part of the tray representing “orange”. I noticed there was a monkey sitting to the side. I looked it up and Dream Dictionary reveals that monkeys are the side of ones immature attitude. They also are playful nature and the window to ones mischievous side of their personality. I find that interesting that student #2 selected the monkey because it certainly seems appropriate for her explaining that area “orange” is her smallest on the color scale. I find it fascinating that we select miniatures without often knowing their meaning and when the meaning is discovered, how it closely relates to our inner self.
I also was interested in her “gold” section of the tray that she placed 2 policemen in front of the wild boars. I think that may be the student’s personality trying to keep “order” as she says, but I think on a different level. I think it is her laughter and fun side “orange” is really trying to get out. I can imagine that the part of her that is studious being the “green” side is not allowing all the fun and “orange” to escape.
The last part of the tray is interesting is the airplane. Even the miniature chosen is fun and playful. It looks to me like it is in the front part of the tray, however, her “green” is the biggest part of her color personality and it looks to be to the back. The plane is trapped. It is in the corner of the tray and her miniature representing herself, Diego” is also trapped behind the wing of the plane. I think because her miniature Diego is so close almost touching the plane there is clear motive that she really wants to get on a take a ride of her lifetime and experience real fun.
I hope I am on the right path of interpretation. I really enjoyed this tray. I often feel a similar tug at my “orange” side. I believe that since we are students in graduate school it is truly hard for any of us to really indulge in our “orange” side. I do hope for graduation and especially in sand or play therapy that we all get back in touch with our fun side.

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