Sand Tray Therapy Class Assignment: House, Tree, Water, Sun, & Animal Sand Tray

by Sand Tray Therapy Student
(Atlanta, Ga.)

Sand Tray Therapy Class Assignment: House, Tree, Water, Sun, & Animal Sand Tray

Sand Tray Therapy Class Assignment: House, Tree, Water, Sun, & Animal Sand Tray

I placed a house in the left rear corner of the sandtray for my sand tray therapy assignment. The house was decorated nicely inside with red and white striped wallpaper and 2 interesting pictures on the walls. It was wide open and 4 miniatures inside represent my immediate family which includes my husband, my two children, and myself. It had a decorative exterior with scalloped trim and a pointed roof. There was a stone walkway leading up to the front of the house. Beautiful purple and blue flowers were on either side of the house and a mailbox with a heart was near the front. I placed a fence at the boundary of the yard which would keep out any unwanted people or animals.

I placed a tree miniature near the house on the left side. The tree trunk and top was brown and it looked healthy with lots of leaves and branches. It would probably be found in the summer. The tree had an inquisitive-looking face on the trunk.

I created a winding fresh-water stream in the center of the tray. The water flowing through the stream is slow-moving and makes a relaxing gurgling sound. It was far enough away from the house that if there was a heavy rain, the water could not reach the house entrance. The water is blue and is pure with no animals in it.

I placed a sun on the right back corner of the tray. It had a big smile as it “watched over” the house and the rest of the sandtray.

I placed a bridge going over the creek. Upon crossing the bridge, one would be at the stone walkway.
I placed a cheetah on the opposite side of the sandtray looking towards the house and contemplating crossing the bridge. It has its 2 front paws on the bridge. The cheetah is the fastest land animal and has exceptionally keen eyesight which makes him an excellent hunter. It often stalks prey then attacks. A cheetah is beautiful and agile. Dream Dictionary suggests that a cheetah symbolizes the need to get moving and be more active in pursuit of goals.

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