Play Therapy Technique Activity Idea for Play Therapist to Use with Clients: The Balloon Trip

by Play Therapy Student

Play Therapy Technique / Play Therapy Activity for Play Therapist to use with Clients: The Balloon Trip

Play Therapy Technique / Play Therapy Activity for Play Therapist to use with Clients: The Balloon Trip

The play therapy assignment name I drew out of the envelope was "Balloon Trip". At first I did not know how to use this as a play therapy tool, however, I started looking around for items I had in my craft drawer and began to get ideas.

I liked Dr. Stangline's idea she presented in class on how to make a pop-up book out of card stock. After digging around, I found items to make a pop-up balloon ride using card stock, an actual balloon, a straw, packing paper, and colored construction paper.

I drew a cover on the outside of my pop-up, and chose 2 sets of play therapy miniatures to use for this play therapy session, depending on the age of the student. The squeeze puffs with eyes are for younger clients, and the army guys for older clients. With the balloon ride in the middle, the landing side has a "good" side and a "bad" side to come down in or go up from. Depending on what the individual is presenting, they can choose whether to go up, or come down, in this session.

I glued the bubble wrap packing paper on the top side of the pop up simply to be something fun to have students "pop" almost as a reward for completing either all or parts of issues being discussed. I liked the idea of using this with clients once I realized the flexibility of how it may enhance a play therapy session.

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