Play Therapy Idea: Inner Child Scrap Book Experience -

by Play Therapy Student
(Mercer U)

Tapping into my inner child for play therapy class required a hammer! In my angst to manage school work, a business, and other responsibilities, I had completely ignored my inner child.

To begin the exercise, I had to pull out some older photos of when I was a child to begin to remember some of the things that I truly enjoyed. It was then that I was able to write a letter of apology for allowing my inner child to go dormant and unprotected. Once I made amends, I began to have fun re-discovering what I missed.

My biggest “aha moment” was my creative writing. I loved poetry and idolized Phylis Wheatley and Shel Silverstein. I’d discovered poetry in elementary school and knew I wanted to be a poet. I had written several poems and had one published during my middle school years. Making time for my fingers and mind to be free was a liberating moment. I actually wrote a poem that I included in my scrapbook. I also submitted a poem to my local neighborhood magazine for a poetry contest. My inner child fingers have gotten some exercise.

I enjoyed taking my inner child on a play date. I bought myself two card games including my all time favorite, Uno. I love competition and talking smack from across the table. I remember being crowned the UNO queen when I was younger. I was so competitive that many of my cousins would not play with me. I had recently joined a Meetup group of card players but hadn’t attended a meeting due to my demanding schedule.
Oh how I missed riding bikes! I went to my garage and pulled out my beach cruiser and filled up the flat tires. Prior to this project, I had forgotten about the bike in the garage. It had become decoration and fused into the walls of the garage.

Though I enjoyed the various aspects of pages we were task to do and create, compiling the pages was cathartic. It forced me to sit down and see how all the pieces fit together in defining my inner child in play therapy class.

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