Midterm Multicultural Project: Sand Tray Therapy Miniatures

by Phonecia-6
(Atlanta, GA)

Midterm Multicultural Project: Sand Tray Therapy Miniatures Tropical Trees

Midterm Multicultural Project: Sand Tray Therapy Miniatures Tropical Trees

Multicultural Project with Sand Tray Miniatures Puerto Rico:
Puerto Rico is a major Caribbean commerce, tourism and communication island. It is one of the world’s busiest cruise ship ports. The living standard in Puerto Rico continues to be among the highest in the Western Hemisphere. The political status still remains uncertain. Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean Sea. It is 1,000 miles south east of Miami Florida. Puerto has mountains, very little flat land, few mineral resources, and tropical ecosystem. It is adjacent to the islands of Vieques, Culebra, and Mona.
Palm Trees
In Puerto Rico there are many types of tropical trees. One tree in particular that is well known in Puerto Rico is the called the coconut palm tree. The coconut palm tree grows in hot parts of the region. This type of tree grows in near seas where it’s very moist. Coconut palm tree is believed to be a symbol of romance in the tropics. Some people associate the coconut palm trees with relaxation and shade looking into the ocean. The coconut palm trees grow to be 50 to 80 feet. There are many types of coconut trees. Some coconut palm trees can also be dwarf size. The coconut palm trees lives in Puerto Rico because of the sunny weather and frost free seasons. The palm trees like to be by water in welled drained area.
The coconut grows in tropical climates. The coconut fruit has a hard outside with white meat under with a hollow center in which there is coconut milk. After the clusters of flowers bloom they grow into coconuts. The time it takes for a coconut palm tree to mature is about a year. It can produce up to 50 coconuts. Coconuts are used in varies ways. It provides food, drinks and many other needs for the Puerto Ricans. Puerto Ricans eat the white meat of the coconut and then they let the white meat turn soft and creamy so it can become a coconut cream. The liquid of the coconut is used for the refreshing taste for drinks. However, the clusters of the flowers of the palm tree can be used to make sugar or vinegar. The baskets and hats that are made are used from husk of the coconut palm tree. The husk is a fiber called Coir. Also the coconut palm tree can be use for pressing out oil. Oil is pressed from the Copra, which helps with leftover meat and cake to make good nourishment for cattle. Therefore, the major uses from the oil of the coconut palm tree are soaps and margarine. It contains sugar and vitamins. The dried meat of coconut can be used for different types of dessert treats. Some of the desserts treats includes cakes, pies, cookies, or candies.
Puerto Rico National Pride “Parranda”
The parranda is a tradition done during the Christmas season. The Christmas season of the parranda is a time when musicians surprise their family and friends with festivities during the night. This tradition represents the type of affects of cultural change in this country. The Parranda has become an icon for Puerto Ricans national pride. It is important to this culture because it symbolizes the iconic jibaro or peasant farmer. During this time, folk music and traditions that are associated with jibaro have become a part of the natural culture. The music and lyrics that reflect on the parranda’s is shaped by the modernization, urbanization, commercialization, and North American cultural influences in Puerto Rico. This is considered a cultural heritage of Puerto Ricans. This festival is called “Three Kings Day.” During this time, the festival has an arranged of different types of jewelry, wood carvings, arts and crafts, and a combination of symbols that represent the Puerto Ricans culture. In addition to, designs of painting to resemble the depiction of the Catholic Church.
The parranda tradition is a central role in process. The symbolic associations of Christmas music and the parranda is combined celebration in Puerto Rico. It traces the expansion of the Puerto Ricans on the island and the mainland. The nature of the symbolism in Puerto Rico Christmas celebration is full of music and cultural nationalism festivity.
Puerto Rico Flag
The Puerto Rico Flag symbolizes the common wealth people. The flag represent the island, political beliefs of the people, and the athletics during competitions. It was adopted by the commonwealth of Puerto Rico in 1952. In 1952, The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico flag was design with the same colors of the United States. Although the flag is different than the United States, it includes a blue triangle, white star, and red and white stripes. The blue displays the island. The white star symbolizes Puerto Rico, the triangle represents the executive, legislative, and judicial parts of the government, the blue stands for the coastal waters and sky, the red signify the bloodshed by warriors, and the white characterize the liberty, victory, and peace of Puerto Rico.
The Puerto Rico flag was adopted to represent the region and its people. It was design to signify the regions Coat of Arms. The political parties in Puerto Rico represent and symbolize the members of the following supported ideals. The flags are frequently displayed in the community rallies, meetings, or parades to show political strength and harmony. All of the 78 municipalities of Puerto Rico adopted the flag. Different types of sports that are associated with Puerto Rico always use the flag to represent them. At each game occasion the Puerto Ricans always represents their sports at all times by bringing the flag to competitions and events.

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