Extended Days Sand Tray Therapy for Sand Tray Therapy Class

by 10804025
(Atlanta GA)

Day 1 of extended sand tray therapy tray.

Day 1 of extended sand tray therapy tray.

Day 1
The sandtray for my graduate sand tray therapy class features a girl in a white bridal dress facing a cross and the path in front of her to the cross decorated with shining colorful crystals. There is a pink petal by the cross. She appears to be completely immersed and focused on the cross. On the opposite side of the tray is another female miniature in a partly open pen with two eggs, chicken and a duck. She appears to be feeding the farm animals. Other animals are seen in the sand tray some distance away from the pen, they do not appear harmful and are leisurely grazing, but there is a need to protect and watch over the eggs and the vulnerable animals. It appears that the main character of the sandtray has two roles, one is to focus attention on the cross and the other is to protect and feed the vulnerable.

Day 2
The scene in the tray has changed by the second day; in addition to the bridal miniature facing the cross, other miniatures have been added to include a female miniature playing a harp, a male miniature and another female miniature. The bridal miniature appears to have faded to the side with the miniature playing the harp more in the purview of the cross. She is also content with the fact that others have joined her. On the opposite side of the tray is a group of miniatures watching two wrestlers, they appear focused on what is happening in the ring. Close by are various types of crawling animals and insect, denoting the unfriendliness of this corner of the tray.

Day 3
The scene is still similar to day 2 except that the cross in now mounted on a rock and is more prominent. The scene at the opposite corner has been slightly changed; one of the wrestlers has been knocked down, and the audiences are in various stages of arousal. The creeping crawling insects and animals are closer and there is a bat behind the wrestler who is still standing. The bat indicates superhuman strength.

Day 4
This is a completely different scene, there are two eggs buried in the sand on a mountain. On the opposite side, is an Eagle high up watching the two eggs and there is a pathway leading from the eagle to the eggs paved with colorful crystals. A tortoise is on the pathway heading towards the eggs. In the scene, there are also various animals carrying other animals on their back, heading towards the eggs. The bear is carrying a horse, the dinosaur is carrying a giraffe, the tiger is carrying a horse and another dinosaur is carrying an elephant. Although these are vicious animals, they appear to be carrying animals they would otherwise have attacked. This is also slowing down their progress towards the eggs. I am not sure of their intent towards the egg.

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