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Translation for Dream Sand Tray Therapy Play Therapy Tray
by: Anonymous

Hi! Your dreams were very interesting to look at, I focused on the zebra dream to try to help pull apart what the dream may have meant. Zebras can symbolize, perfect balance, unity and harmony. This could be a representation of your relationship with you and your husband. You are both there together to support one another and share your new with your family. Zebras also represent opposites attracting, this could be the fact that you and your husband are talking together to your aunt with the opposing opinions. You still love your aunt and consider her family but recognize that she is opposite in her views. The hippo can represent many different things as well. It can mean and aggressive nature or hidden strengths, maybe your aunt is a little forceful in her opinions about your decisions in your marriage and come across a little strong sometimes. Hippos also represent a territorial nature and could indicate overstepping boundaries. Maybe you feel that you aunt is overstepping boundaries you have made with your husband with her opinions about the child. It sounds as though in the dream the situation was resolved, so I hope that this carried over into your conversation with her while you were awake and that the news was received well. (Congratulations again on the baby!)
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Sand Tray Therapy and Play Therapy Translations
by: Student #5

Student #6 portrayed several different dreams inside of this tray. I didn't really notice any hot spots inside of the tray, but the miniature that depicted her lying down being restricted by something appears to serve as the central focus of the tray. Each of the other dreams seem to correlate back to this image of the person being held down on the ground. When analyzing each of the miniatures used in the dream, the zebras define "perfect balance, unity, and harmony" (Dream moods dictionary). They are also said to express someone is "spending too much time in trivial matters" (dream moods dictionary). The hippo is defined as one's "aggressive nature and hidden strength". It is also said that this could mean someone has "overstepped their boundaries". In the next dream, pyramids and a sea monster were represented as the main figures. The pyramids are described in the dream moods dictionary as symbols of "longevity and stability". According to the symbols dictionary, pyramids also represent "living growth" (p.778). The sea monster represents an emotional transformation (dream mood dictionary) meaning that the burglar in their home could be metaphoric for swift emotional changes coming to them as a couple. In another dream, representing herself as the teddy bear could be defined as a symbol of "lost security, companionship, and comfort". A teddy bear also signifies an immature relationship (dream mood dictionary). In this dream, she is holding her baby and the snake is between her. The baby may be a source of security and comfort for the mother as well as companionship. From the image of the zebras and hippos, the zebras seem to be the ones that want to make everyone happy, but at the end of the day they are having difficulty winning the hippo over. The hippo is said to represent some inner strength and aggressiveness and well as boundary crossing. It appears like the client's aunt isn't too pleased with the arrival or announcement with the little one, but this hippo could also be representative of the boundary that the aunt has crossed.

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Sand Tray Therapy and Play Therapy Interpretation
by: Student 1

Interpretation for Student 6 dreams
July 1 , 14
By Student 1

Wow this was very complex for me. There was a lot going on here in the tray. It seems ed a little like chaos. I was especially interested in the snake so close to the egg "unborn child." After reading the students ideas on the tray, I better understood each miniature. It seems that the aunts disapproval of the pregnancy is manifesting in many ways. I think the snake also could be the aunt. Proving jealousy, or it is another side of the student being protective. Not knowing the type of snake makes it more difficult to translate. However, I think after reading the Dream Dictionary that it represents good and evil. Additionally, I believe the snake is stemming from hidden fears and emotions of the baby. The snake represents an unforeseen threat, possibly the aunt.
Another part of the tray of interest was the position of the zebra (representing husband and wife) and the hippo being the aunt. The first animal in front is the hippo signifying the aunt with the student and her husband following. Dream Dictionary states that a hippo is of great strength and aggression. This animal also has great influence over others. This I would be careful about.
The part of the tray showing someone breaking into the student’s house could possibly means someone is trying to take something from them. My thoughts on this are that maybe since the aunt was disappointed she stole some of the student’s joy from her about the pregnancy.

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Interpretation Mercer Summer
by: #2

In the left hand corner of the sand tray is a rather large red, black, and yellow snake, diagonal from the snake is a small golden miniature, it is difficult to see but maybe it is an Egyptian statue, next to the miniature is a small teddy bear with a white egg sitting in its’ lap. There are more small golden miniatures and three farm animals (not sure which type). It appears that the snake has a direct shot to the teddy bear with the eggs and the small golden miniature, if he decided to strike it would hit dead on.
A few of the miniatures will be analyzed based on the finding in the symbols dictionary and the dream interpretation website. It is important to remember that only the creator of this tray really knows what each item represents. The egg represents the beginning of manifestation, creation of the world (symbols dictionary). According to the dream moods website eggs symbolize fertility, birth, and creative potential.
The snake in the tray resembles a coral snake which is considered elusive, spends much time buried underground, these snakes carry venom, they hold on to their victim while biting, overall this type of snake is not aggressive and rarely bites (wikipedia). According to the dream moods website seeing a snake in a dream indicates hidden fears, worries, or threats to self. It could also mean that you are being blindsided. The golden miniatures appear to be some sort of representation of Nefertiti, according to Wikipedia she was a Great Royal Wife, she and her husband led a religious revolution where they decided to worship one God.
What could all of this possibly mean? Well, based on how the miniatures are placed in the sand the snake who may or may not strike, is in direct alignment to strike Nefertiti and the egg. It appears as if Nefertiti is acting as a shied deflect the possible attack of the snake. The snake attacking new life would not be a positive, but Nefertiti is strong, she has a strong belief in God. Eggs bring about new life and protection, new life also brings about anxiety which is also represented by the snake. So, perhaps worry about the egg literally or worry about whatever the egg represents, the creator feels worried about keeping the egg safe and what new manifestations the egg may bring.

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