Dream Analysis in Sand Tray Therapy-Flying Over the World-Student #4

by Sand Tray Therapy Graduate Student
(Sandy Springs)

My Dream in Dream Analysis for Sand Tray Therapy

My Dream in Dream Analysis for Sand Tray Therapy

My dream for my sand tray therapy assignment: I looked at was a dream in which I am flying over the world below. The dream is exhilarating, joyful, and exciting. I feel free in my dream, as though nothing can bother me.

The dream starts with me waving my arms in a circle clockwise. All of a sudden, I feel as though the gravity has disappeared completely beneath my feet. I float up, and immediately rise up to right under the clouds. I float along, and I see the world beneath me, going along as if nothing is peculiar about someone flying up above. I see people going about their daily lives, driving in cars, going to the supermarket, going to school, etc.

I do not recognize the people in my dreams. They just seem like everyday people going about their business. I see animals such as dogs and cats and birds also in my dream below me.

All five senses are alert in my dream. I can feel the wind going through my hair as I fly along. I can smell nature, flowers, trees. I can taste the air when I open my mouth in my dream. I see everything below me as I fly along. I can hear the sounds of daily life below me, traffic, people's voices, animal sounds.

In this dream, I feel happy, carefree, free, and as if nothing bad can occur. I have a feeling of inner peace and serenity as I fly through the air.

When translating my dream, it appears that me flying with ease and enjoying the scene below represents me rising above something or having a certain perspective on things. Flying dreams and the ability to control your flight is representative of my own personal sense of power. This could be representative of my ability to rise above the stressors of my immediate family. It could be that I believe that I don't let their mistakes and issues define who I am.

I believe this dream analysis tells me that I am my own unique individual, a free spirited person who does not let things of any nature hold me back. I can do anything I set my mind to, and I won't let things outside of my control hold me back or bring me down.

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