Carl Jung Reality Show /Personality parts Sand Tray for Sand Tray Therapy Class

by 10804025
(Atlanta GA)

Archetypes Example in the Sand Tray Therapy Class

Archetypes Example in the Sand Tray Therapy Class

Archetypes Example in the Sand Tray Therapy Class Archetypes in the Sand Tray Therapy Class 2 Jung Typology

The reality show sand tray for sand tray therapy class depicts emotions I experienced during the week. Superman was used to represent the times I felt overwhelmed, it felt that the more I did, the more I was expected to do because it appeared that I had superhuman strength. Superman did not live everyday as a superhero and at times, he was simply an ordinary human being. The good thing is that superman seems to have a super energy reservoir. I represented being bored by a tortoise, who is so slow that you get bored watching a tortoise in a race. There were times this week I felt I was watching a tortoise in a race and just wished things would move faster. I am also learning that although the tortoise is slow, it gets to its destination eventually. I represented being mean this week by a spider that bites and release toxin. Meanness is an act of releasing toxin not to kill the recipient, but to numb the person enough to be quiet or have a behavioral change. I was also angry and this was represented by a big angry looking wrestler, who is ready to box the opponent to the corner. I also feeling spent, represented by the cross. Jesus on the cross was spent, he had given all at this point and felt alone and abandoned. There were times during the week, I felt spent; alone and abandoned. At some point, I felt relaxed when the workload became less. This was represented by Donald duck. Laughter and escaping into a world of fantasy helps me to relax. Lastly, the moments I felt happy (contented) were represented by an old woman who is contented because of the richness of the life she had lived.

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