Bullying Prevention Tip #2
for Kids, Teens, and Even Adults

The Queen's Wave

Alright, so by now you have taught your child the bullying prevention tip #1 (The Hairy Eyebrow and Sour Lemon Face: See Link Below if Not). Your child has been role playing this prevention tip several times a day with you and also in front of a mirror, right?

I hope so, because practice makes perfect when it comes to bullying prevention coping skills. Body language is the key to this skill.

 Tell your child you are just pretending and continue the role play activities. Ask your child, "What are some of the mean things kids say to other kids at school." This will open up conversations about bullying and not put your child on the spot.

The most common things said in elementary school are statements that can use a bulling prevention coping skill are listed below:

1. You are stupid.

2. You are dumb because you failed a test.

3. You are fat.

4. I hate your shoes, they are ugly.

5. You smell bad.

6. I am not going to be your friend today.

7. She thinks she is all that!

8. He said the word "Pooh Pooh to me!" (Just heard this the other day! No Joke)

9. You can't play kickball very well!

10. You are a geek!

These are mean teases that need a coping skill. If your child is constantly being taunted and you have used bullying prevention coping skills, then you, need to get involved. However, if you get involved too early your child will take on a victim mentality and never learn to get through the pecking order of life.

Remember, if you are being hurt or threatened then it is truly bullying and you need help from an adult, school counselor, teacher, principal, or the police.  

Sometimes, kids need to use their nonverbal body language before going into a verbal bullying prevention coping skill. The below bullying coping skill is a great start. 

Think of Queen Elizabeth of England. Have you ever seen her wave? Her mother, The Queen Mother, taught her this wave. It is a regal wave that says, "I am in a higher place than you my subjects." The Queen is "detached" as she waves to her subjects below.

You can use this bullying coping skill wave when you are being mean teased by a bully. Simply pretend you are waving and screwing in a lightbulb at the same time. Look at some footage of Queen Elizabeth as she waves. Smile, look ahead and just wave the Queen's wave. Practice in the mirror with a tiara. Put an aire on and wave your heart out.

I like to use this bullying coping when dealing with bully drivers. If they shoot me the middle finger, I gesture with the Queen's Wave. It says to the bully driver, "I see you are there, but will not lower myself to acknowledge your middle finger and horn."

If you do the Queen's Wave you will be using emotional intelligence. You are not walking away, but laying down a boundary that says, "You can't get to me, I won't allow it."

Keep practicing this and get it down before you read the next bullying prevention coping skill.

Bullying Prevention Coping Skill #2: The Queen's Wave
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