Bullying Prevention Game
Play the Opposite Game with the Bully:

This game is a great way to teach your child how to deal with bullies in a positive and proactive way.

How to Play The Opposite Game for Bullying Prevention:

There are two very powerful words in every language. These words are “thank you”. When you use these two powerful words as a bullying prevention tool they are even more powerful.

You will never be in trouble for saying the words “thank you” to someone.
I teach kids to pretend they hear the opposite from the bully and to just say “thank you”.

This is a great game for kids who are very sensitive and polite in manner. Nice kids do not know how to bully and feel guilty when they stand up to the bully.

We have to teach kids how to use their emotional intelligence and use positive bullying prevention techniques.

The smart kids use these techniques to stop the bully and don’t feel bad about using it because these techniques don’t hurt anyone.

Here is how this game works: Let’s start with the average bullying technique where the bully tells you, “You are stupid”!

Instead of getting upset about it, just say the opposite as if the bully just said, “You are smart”.

By saying “thank you” the bully won’t have any place to go and will eventually stop bullying you.

I even get my students to take it a bit further by saying, “Thank you, I know how smart I am.” Then they walk away.

Eventually, the bully will stop bullying because they see that they can’t get the “target” upset.

I find that it takes an average of about three or four times for the bully to stop the bullying.

Kids need to remain confident and strong and continue to use this technique for bullying prevention.

Have your child practice saying “thank you” in front of the mirror over and over again. Come up with multiple scenarios for your child to rehearse.

Make sure to role play with your child by pretending you are the bully and vice versa.

Your child will watch how you respond to bullying and have a venue to put their frustrations into.

In order for this game to truly work the child must say it with confidence and a strong body language. Try to get your child to smile when they say it.

The key is to not let the bully know you are upset by what was said. Remember that body language is about 80% to 90% of communication.

It is important to note that this game is good for minor bullying issues. Read the bullying prevention tip #3 for more information on getting your child to tell on major bullying issues.

This game, along with the other bullying prevention techniques located on Creative Counseling 101.com are geared to help your child handle the “small stuff”.

Let them start with the smaller issues and get your help for the larger ones.
When kids learn positive coping skills for bullying prevention they build their self-esteem and self-confidence.

This will enable them to deal proactively with bullies now and in the future.

Top Ten Bullying Prevention Facts and Tips

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