Shelter House Play Therapy

What do the colors of the Shelter House Therapy Mean?

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The Second Shelter Therapy House:

The Red Shelter Therapy House

Red is associate with the color of anger. It can also mean love, courage, luck, danger, or passion. It is an intensive color. However, with “Shelter Therapy” the red house is usually chosen for anger issues. The client who picks the red “Shelter Therapy House” needs you to help them process and get to the root of their anger issues which is usually fear based. Red is a warlike symbol. It is also the color of fire, blood, and the heart. It can also mean “truth”.

The Third Shelter Therapy House:

The Yellow Shelter Therapy House

In general, yellow means happiness, warmth, cheer, or positive thinking. It can also mean caution. It is filled with energy, yet can confuse people. Not everyone working in the yellow house is happy.  Yellow can also hold the meaning of a “wise person”.

Yellow is also the color of the fertile earth and the sun’s flesh and eternal life. Yellow can also be the symbol of old age and death. It can be a substitute for black (fear). Thus, be very aware of the masks clients show when working within the yellow Shelter Therapy House. The color of deception and treachery is “yellow”.

In ancient China, yellow is the symbolism of the Imperial China. This denotes that the Emperor was the center of the universe. It can also hold meaning for faith and eternal life.


The Fourth Shelter Therapy House:

The Black Shelter Therapy House 

Black is the color of fear in color psychology. This could possibly mean that there are repressed memories, trauma, fears, or emotions hidden deep in the subconscious. These need to be processed in therapy. Black is also the color of death and mourning. It can represent the “death anxiety” we all hold within ourselves and often suppress. It is cold and often viewed as negative. It is also the strongest color as it sucks in all colors and does not return them to the world. It is the color for the deepest part of the unconscious thought. The deepest part of the ocean and the abyss is black. It represents night time, evil, anguish, sorrow, and sin. It is the color of melancholy, sorrow, and misfortune.


 The Fifth Shelter Therapy House: 

The Grey Shelter Therapy House

Grey can symbolize mourning, grief, and depression. It can also mean that one is guarded with their feelings, or repressed feelings. It can also say, “I don’t matter or want to be noticed.” Grey is the color of ashes. It can also represent sadness, boredom and deeper levels of the unconscious mind and the desire to bring these to a higher level of consciousness. Grey can also symbolize resurrection in one’s life. Grey can be a reference point of color as the baby only sees this color for the first three years of life. When all the colors are blended together they create the color grey.

The Sixth Shelter Therapy House:

The White Shelter Therapy House

White can represent spirituality, purity, innocence, and hope. It can also mean enlightenment and / or healing. White, like black, is the absence of all color. It represents the color of one’s “soul”. White is the positive color, the opposite of black. It can mean rebirth and dedication. White can also have a clinical meaning and“coldness” to it. It is sterile, clean, and possibly empty.  

Other colors can be created for you to customize your “Shelter Therapy House”.

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