The Amazing Human Brain Facts:
What Everyone Should Know About the Great Human Brain.

The Amazing Human Brain Facts 

   The amazing human brain is the most important organ in your body. It weighs only three pounds. But, it is charge of everything that happens in the human body. It is in charge of growth and development.

It is an extremely complex organ. The human brain has a collection of 100 billion neurons. Each of these neurons are linked with 25,000 others. This enables us to think, control our body, and translate sensory signals. Our brain controls our heartbeat, blood pressure, fluid balance and our body treatment.                                     

The human brain also is responsible for our behavior and movements. The human brain has many advantages over other animals. Cognitive skills are advanced in human brains due to a more pronounced neocortex. In other words, it is larger than all the other animals on the planet (Salaad, 1999).  

The human brain is responsible for how happy someone is, what they think, religious beliefs, how effective they are in life, etc.. The human brain motivates, gives pleasurable, or non pleasurable assumptions, and determines how one gets along with others. In essence your brain makes you who you are at work, marriage, parenting or friendship.

It allows human beings to hope, dream, imagine, plan, and take action (Amen, 1998). If your brain does not work right, you do not work right. For many years, if a person had a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety, some would not believe that these symptoms were real. Human beings are set apart from all other species on earth due to our advanced brain.

No other animal can walk on the moon, write a book, or play a musical instrument and follow sheets of music. The human brain has been compared to a supercomputer. But it is much more complicated and advanced than that. It is one of the greatest frontiers of the unknown. We know so little about the human brain. However, each day scientists are making new discoveries of the great human brain (Amen, 1998).      

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The Prefrontal Cortex Part of the Brain

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