Free Career Counseling Personality Type Career Test

Find out what career fits your personality type today by taking this free ten minute career counseling test.

Great for all ages from 5th grade, middle school, high school, college, and beyond. Everyone needs to take this test to find out what career they will be happiest in. 

Research shows that people whose career fits their personality type are happier, last longer in their career, and make more money!

Personality Type Career Interest Test

By: Creative Counseling
Copyright 2014(c) by Creative Counseling

Your Name:


Place a check mark next to each item that seems to fit your career personality type and lifestyle for each of the four career personality types. 

Then add up all the numbers of checkmarks in each category. The area with the most checkmarks is most likely your “Personality Type Career Area of Interest”. 

Take this Career Counseling Interest test each year to see if your interest change. Look back at your tests when you are a senior in high school and college. This test should help you make future college and career choices. 

Research shows that people are happier and more successful if they chose a career that fits their personality type.  

Traditional Type Personality Type

___ I like to follow rules and feel guilty if I do the wrong thing.

___ I most always finish what I start working on.

___ I am organized and neat.

___ I am a dependable and people know they can count on me.

___ I pay attention to the small details.

___ I am a person who likes to do what is right most of the time.

___ I can be very serious at times.

___ I don’t like to be the person in charge. I like others to be the one in charge.

___ I like to be part of a group of people and I like to work with people.

___ I am usually on time.

___ I like school and enjoy having the same routine each day.

___ I like to do things the same way over and over again. Tradition is important to me.

Total Check Marks:__________________

Adventurous Personality Type:

___ I am very athletic.

___ I like to be outdoors a lot.

___ I like working with my hands and I like working with tools.

____ I enjoy being the center of attention and like to perform or show off what I can do.

___ I like to build or fix things and work with machines.

___ I don’t want to work with people very much.

___ I don’t like sharing my feelings with others very much.

___ I have to have fun while I work and see life as a big game or party.

___ I like to try exciting new things and want to learn by doing, not by reading or sitting in a class.

___ I am not always neat or organized.

___ I get bored easily and sometimes do not like to follow the rules.

___ I like to work with things that require me to use my physical strength and I have a lot of energy.

Total Check Marks:_______________

Explorer Personality Type

___ I like to learn new things in books.

___ I am very good in Science.

___ I would prefer not to work with people very much.

___ I am very smart.

___ I enjoy difficult problems and like to solve them.

___ I am very curious about the world around me.

___ If I am interested in a subject I will spend extra time learning about it on my own.

____ I am good in Math.

____I enjoy the challenge of coming up with new ways of thinking about things or doing things.

___ I am very interested in the way things work and like to experiment with things.

___ I consider myself a “deep thinker” and like to think about the world around me.

___ I enjoy a “challenge”.

___ I usually see the world differently than others.

Total Check Marks:________________

Creative Personality Type:

___ I love working with people and get along well with them.

___ I love animals.

___ I do not like it when people argue or get mad at others.

___ I want to help people and / or animals because I care deeply about them.

___I like to create things. I am usually good at art, music, and creative writing.

___ I enjoy the beauty of the world and like to make the world a beautiful place.

___ I feel that I am different and I don’t want to be like everyone else.

___ I want the world to be a peaceful place.

___ I have to make a difference in the world around me!

___ I am easy to talk to and like to listen to other people.

___ I don’t like working with machines or tools.

___ Feelings are important to me and I like to talk about them. My friends like to talk to me about their feelings.

___ Being with my friends is very important. I am a loyal and good friend to others.

___ I like to talk, but sometimes it gets me into trouble.

Total Check Marks:_________________  

Answer Sheet for Personality Type Career Counseling Match Up:

List your total check marks on the columns below for each personality type.  Your personality type will do best in the highest and next to highest career choice column.

*Note: Some careers will overlap. You may have two primary career types. This is okay. You just have more career choices.

Creative Type (Blue) Careers: Your Total:__________









Social Worker


Physical Therapist

Flight Attendant

Make-up Artist

Hair Stylist

Art Teacher

Veterinarian / Vet Tech.

Art Therapist



Child Care Worker

Human Resources

Fashion Designer

Film Maker

Floral Designer

Art History Teacher

Home Economics Teacher



Social Worker  

Creative Career Key: Creative Caring Giving Helping Others People / Animals -         

Likes to Create Beauty in World -         

Wants to make the world a better place.

This type is about 9% of the world.

Adventurous Type (Orange) Careers:


Police Officer









Truck Driver / Bus Driver

Athlete Engineer

Flight Attendant

Word Traveler


Hair Stylist


Restaurant Owner / Worker


P.E. Teacher



Ambulance Driver

Forest Ranger

Chef / Cook / Baker

Vet Tech.

Actor / Performer

Farmer /Agriculture

Wood Worker    

Adventurous  Career Key: Active / Moving

Likes to Work Outdoors

Work with Hands


Likes Excitement          

Needs to have fun and adventure!  

This type is about 40% of the world population.

Explorer Type (Green) Careers:


Scientist: (Must find the ideal fit as a Scientist: Biology, Astrology, Chemistry, Psychology, Physics, Geology, Genetics, etc.)

Doctor (All Types)


Computer Science



Lab Technician






Science Teacher

Math Teacher

College Professor

School Psychologist


Animal Scientist




FBI Agent



Explorer Career Key: Challenges

Continued Learning Research

Thinking Required

Some Creativity -         

Wants to solve world problems. -         

Likes higher learning / college & beyond  

This type is about 9% of the world's population.

Traditional Type (Gold) Careers:


CEO of Company



Sales Clerk


School Principal



Judge / Lawyer


Hair Stylist

Book Keeper / Accountant

Business Owner

Office Worker

Flight Attendant



Farmer /Agriculture


Dental Hygienist

FBI Agent


Housekeeper History



Graphic Designer

Real Estate Agent

Security Guard

Wood Worker

Traditional Career Key:

Traditional Stable Consistent Predictable -         

Likes to have a schedule that stays the same.          

Likes to work with Hands

This personality type is about 45% of the world.

Which Personality Type is your first choice:


Which Personality Type is your second choice:


Which jobs or careers would you like to have?


What classes do you need to take in middle school and high school?      

What training do you need to get after high school (Example: College, Technical College, On the Job Training):  


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