Examples of Play Therapy Doll Houses

Homemade Doll Houses Created By Students

The assignment for Play Therapy 101 graduate counseling students was to build a doll house that represents their childhood home, or homes.

play therapy doll house examples

Dan R.'s Doll House Example: The Anything House

This amazing doll house was created by one of my best students, Dan R. Dan always goes the extra mile with his assignments, especially when he gets to create something. See his puppets and puppet theater on the Puppet Play Therapy page.

Dan spent a lot of time making what his son named, "The Anything House." He has shown that the play therapy doll house is not only for girls to use, but boys as well.

play therapy doll house examples

All the rooms are custom made to fit the home he grew up in. Each room has custom wall paper to represent each family member's room.

Dan spent a lot to build this house. Yet, if Dan bought this house already made he would have spent a lot more. You can use this example to create your own play therapy doll house.

Dan suggested using scraps of wood to create a house that is similar, but less expensive.

At the time Dan did not have wood scraps and bought all the wood. This house will last forever and be put to good use when he becomes a play therapist.

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