Play Therapy Class-Puppets and Puppet Theater-Tamara Taubodo

(Play Therapy Student for Play Therapy Class)

Play Therapy Class-Puppets and Puppet Theater-Tamara Taubodo

Play Therapy Class-Puppets and Puppet Theater-Tamara Taubodo

Play Therapy Class-Puppets and Puppet Theater-Tamara Taubodo Play Therapy Class-Puppets and Puppet Theater-Tamara Taubodo Picture 2

The idea of creating a play therapy puppet show theater and play therapy puppets stumped me initially because I could not figure out how I was going to create puppets as well as a puppet show theater. The idea of using play dough came to mind after learning of the project. I thought the play dough would completely dry out and harden after sitting out for days but that was not the case. I decided to stay with my original idea as well as make play dough clothes. Even though I was intimidated by the project, I enjoyed it and enjoyed seeing other students puppets, puppet theaters and puppet show performances, and I enjoyed using the puppets and performing for the other students. The creativity was amazing, wonderful, and very informative.

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