My Creative Play Therapy Room

Below is a photo of a school counselor's play therapy room. This play therapy room is huge because it is an actual classroom. It feels a little too big to do play counseling (modified play therapy) in.

While the large room can hold a lot of toys, the students tend to get lost amongst the toys in the play therapy room. 

My New Play Therapy Room

A kitchen is ideal to have in a play therapy room. So many encounters happen in the kitchen within a family.

Play Therapy Room Cooking Area

The perfect amount of play therapy puppets in a play therapist or school counselor's office. Notice they are neatly hung up on the shelf using puppet holders.

My Play Therapy Puppets Place

Teddy Bear Therapy in Play Therapy Basket! So cute, warm and fuzzy for sad times.

My Play Therapy Toy Box

Sand tray therapy miniatures neatly arranged for the play therapy client to use. This is a great way to keep your sand tray therapy miniatures organized, yet accessable to the play therapy client.

All my play therapy sand tray toys

My wish is that you will find the benefits of play therapy either as a trained professional play therapist, or play therapy client!

I truly hope that Creative Counseling 101 can open the creative doors for your practice with clients!

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