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The Creative Doll House in Play Therapy
doll house play therapy

Rationale: The Creative Counselor utilizes doll houses in many ways. First you need to make a doll house to meet your needs. Therapist do not have to go out and purchase an expensive doll house for play therapy.

Many times children prefer the homemade dollhouse verses the store bought dollhouse. I have several doll houses that I have made by myself. They are often simple, and some are made from old bookshelves or furniture.


  • Compressed wood, or cardboard, shoe boxes, boxes, or heavy card stock, plastic, or a bookshelf to convert.
  • Bright paint of choice
  • Building materials such as: glue, nails, scissors, or a saw
  • Furniture & decor (Make or buy)
  • Dollhouse family or miniatures


  • Using the material you have chosen create the dollhouse you desire.
  • Make it as child friendly as possible. Children like color and sparkle.
  • Create doors, windows, and any other embellishments you desire.
  • Make your own or purchase furniture for your dollhouse.
  • Include miniatures or dolls meant for a dollhouse.

It is best to create your own doll house in play therapy with your own hands. Do not pay for someone to build you a dollhouse. It can end up costing you a lot of money. Besides, children adore homemade doll houses and tend to gravitate towards them.

The doll house is a fantastic tool for the use of play therapy. I use it for children, adolescents, teens, and even adults. It is very powerful to have clients recreate their home environment and act out family situations in the doll house with play therapy.

I often learn more about a client in one or two doll house play therapy sessions than over several talk therapy sessions.

See Examples of Play Therapy Doll Houses:

  • Generic Play Therapy Doll House Example 3

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